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Friendly Kids Dentistry in Milton

If you have children, you know how important it is for them to have regular dental checkups – especially since children are prone to cavities. The dentists at Smile Smile Dental know how anxious children can be when coming in for their first dental checkup. With years of experience in children’s dentistry, our dentists can make your child’s first visit a fun and exciting one.

Children begin to grow their teeth between the ages of six months to one year – this is the ideal time for parents to schedule the child’s first dental visit. Even though your child may not have a fully grown tooth, it’s important to come in and learn about how you can take care of their teeth and promote good healthy growth.

Children’s oral hygiene is extremely important and it is the parents that need to be aware and understand how to best take care of their child’s teeth. Through frequent visits to the dental clinic, your child will become accustomed to our office and the professional dentists. When the time comes for your child to sit in the dentist’s chair, they will be comfortable enough to do it on their own.

Our dentists will continuously educate your child on good oral hygiene and show them how fun and important it can be. Once your child is three to four years old, they will begin to go through teeth cleaning and other dental procedures to keep their teeth from decaying and being susceptible to cavities.

Over the years, we’ve helped parents better care for their child’s oral hygiene and today, those children have grown up to be young adults – who still practice the same good oral habits we’ve taught them. When choosing a dentist in Milton, it is important to understand how your child feels about the dentists and whether they feel safe.

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