Custom Mouthguards

Custom Mouthguard Consulting and Fittings in Milton

If not treated, nighttime grinding and clenching can have adverse effects on your teeth, and even your overall health – this is where a custom night-time mouthguard can help. Constant grinding can wear away at the structure of your teeth and a mouthguard can alleviate this issue.

Additionally, the constant clenching can damage your jaw muscle and can cause damage to the structure of your face, and lead to constant migraines and headaches. In addition to the pain being down right uncomfortable, if the pain is severe enough, you may have to miss work or school, which can affect other areas of your life. A custom mouthguard – worn at night – can help prevent damage to the teeth and jaw from the night time clenching.

At Smile Smile Dental, we can provide you with a customized mouthguard to prevent further damage to your teeth, caused by the grinding. We require a couple appointments to take a model of the teeth that is sent to a lab where the custom night guard is created. Your night guard will be sent back to us and will be ready for pick-up shortly afterwards.

If you or your child require a custom mouthguard, contact Smile Smile Dental in Milton today. We are proudly accepting new patients!

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